YAML to RAML conversion

Hi There,
I`m currently looking for any help in conversion of YAML (2.0) to RAML (0.8). Can anyone help me please.

@pavanbl: The latest version of YAML is 1.2 as far as I can tell. Besides, RAML is based on YAML which means that RAML is a valid YAML document so I don’t know how one would convert YAML to RAML since it is already YAML to begin with. Did you mean something else?

Hi Jstoiko,
Yes I’m currently using yaml 1.2. However when I’m deploying my application in Mulesoft API manager it requires raml. Even though yaml and raml are api spec they both have different formats. I could also see there various websites which converts yaml to raml 1.0. However I couldn’t find any for raml 0.8.
e.g: https://mulesoft.github.io/oas-raml-converter/

@pavanbl, can you share what you have until now?

Try these guys, they seem to have the widest array of inputs/outputs, including the ones you need:

Also, once you get them converted, VisualStudio Code has a RAML plugin that you can use to do limited refactoring of your types into separate files. Perhaps there are better environments for that. ZenStudio may have some tools for that as well. They have like a 14/30-day trial you can try them out.

Good luck!

you mean yaml file?

THanks for the suggestion. However apimatic is paid version and they have trial version for 2 days. I`m looking for more open source kind of resources.

Yes @pavanbl

Hi Vivek,
I’m unable to export yaml file from my office due to security reasons. However you can find plenty of samples online.

That’s fine, can you share a link to an example that makes sense to you.

Does is it possible to convert swagger yaml file to raml file online.
Could you please suggest possible ?.