WSDL 2.0 REST examples to test a WSDL 2.0 to RAML converter


Hi All,

I am looking for various examples of Restful APIs described in WSDL 2.0 to test a converter I have created. I have a few to test on but would like a few more to make sure everything is good.



Hello Laura,

Good to hear that you have come up with a convertor for WSDL to RAML. Is it a java based converter or anyother scripting based?
Could you please provide a brief detail on the features of your converter tool?

When you will be publishing the converter?.



Hi @heritagelaura, just want to check what’s the status is of your converter. IMHO, that is something really difficult to do right as you might need to combine several operation to one resource + http verbs. For example, take the following operations:

  • getEmployee
  • addEmployee
  • updateEmployee

Those are 3 operations - but you necessarily don’t want to create 3 different resources for it. The final one should be something like:


How are you handling those situations?


Is your wsdl to raml converter published anywhere?