Why there's no C/C++ parser or code generator?


any reason?


There is no specific reason why there is no C/C++ parser. RAML and the tooling supporting it is a community project. Tooling is therefore developed by either the working group or the community itself. That said, if there is something missing then it is because no one has developed something yet.

It would be brilliant if there is someone doing it :wink:

In regards to the code gen, there is a project on github which makes it easier to create it for client generation. See https://github.com/mulesoft/raml-client-generator


Do we know if there is any RAML parser in C language now.? Is someone already working on it.? any leads would be helpful


So far I have not heard much need for a C parser (or read that it is a request). The most common languages used/requested seem to be Node/JS, Java, python, ruby, and lately GoLang. There is some work in .NET I believe, I think C#… not for sure on that. I would say GoLang is probably a better bet given it is so similar to C and I think can be used as a library to C but from what I have read it is not very intuitive at this point. That may be the faster route to being able to work with RAML in C however.


Haven’t seen one as well so far, unfortunately. Would be happy to see one though.