Which tool can show collapse and expland for actions instead of pop up window?


I am using raml2html now. The doc generated look simple and clean. I like it. But one thing I don’t like is when I click resource’ action to see the details. It shows pop up windows. I would like it to collapse and expand. Any one has idea???



Did you try php-raml2html - you might be able to do a little bit more with that https://github.com/mikestowe/php-raml2html


Thanks @christian_vogel. But my application is ruby on rails… Any other solution??




I’m currently working on such a tool. Additionally, it provides the possibility to send requests to the running service to test it.

It’s still in an early phase, but it’s already quite functional.

and for an example how the generated documentation looks like:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


Thank you @ghuder5. I will try and let you know.


Very nice!