Where are all the code generators?


Hey All,

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered, but I’m having a pretty hard time finding client code generators. I see a couple of commercial offerings… Is that all that’s out there at the moment?


They are coming. Keep in mind RAML 1.0 was JUST released a couple days ago, and various tools, most notably parsers in different languages, are in the works. NodeJS and Java I believe will be available soon, along with GoLang, Python, and a few others. Once the RAML 1.0 parsers are ready for consumption, you will start to see a lot more generators of all sorts. A lot of the reason RAML seems to be behind other tools like Swagger and such is because RAML 1.0 took a bit longer to get released, but when you see the capabilities of RAML 1.0, you will appreciate the efforts that went in to making it as good as it is. You just have to be a little more patient for the parsers and generators. :slight_smile:


What have you found so far? What are you interest in having?


I’m interested in the ability to put out clients SDKs for Android, iOS and Javascript (HTML5 enabled) clients. Haven’t had much luck finding any projects that support theses. I’d love to see something as robust as Swagger Codegen. Have I missed something?


I can only say, they are coming. :slight_smile: Understand that RAML 1.0 is pretty robust and will take a little bit of time before the parsers for different languages are ready and then a little more time for developers to build client side, server side and other generators using those parsers.


Additionally to what Kevin said, you can also go and use APIMatic for generating SDKs.