When to use this forum vs github issues?


The issues on the github repos for the RAML parsers, the API designer, and other projects are a great place to file bugs, enhancement requests, etc. – as usual for code projects. On the RAML spec itself, you can use issues to file bugs on the spec itself, discuss enhancements or seek clarifications, etc.

In the RAML forum, you can also discuss concerns about RAML, suggestions for improvements, directions for the language… and express interest in other tools, discuss best practices, find out who’s using RAML and how, compare to the alternatives, etc.

In short, feel free to use these forum for any relevant discussions. How do you want to use the forum vs github issues?


@usarid it seams to me that you stated very well how to use the forum vs github issues. To me it seems more practical to use the forum for every other aspect but the issues and to leave issues handling to the corresponding github spaces



This forum should be used in case of any user specific issues pertaining to different development scenarios, while github issues are for the bugs or enhancements which you want to report, if any.