What kind of hardware do I need to run api-workbench?


Does api-workbench need a 12 core Xeon in order to run quickly? It eats CPU like a champ.

Realistically, what kind of hardware is expected? My laptop has an IvyBridge i3 with 8GB RAM and I can run heavy apps like Eclipse. Visual Studio, and VMWare without a problem. However, atom with api-workbench brings it to a crawl and I have to save, kill atom, and reopen project at least 20 times per day. Is this expected or I am triggering api-workbench bugs?

Sorry about the rant, but it gets really frustrating to work like this.


As you might have seen in this issue. The team is currently working on closing several issues step by step to improve the performance. It’s not only the workbench though as it seems that Atom has several problems itself. Just google for “atom performance”. The team will do what they can to improve the performance for the workbench plugin.


I have read the issue shared by @christian_vogel, and as he said, I also believe that the issue may be Atom’s. In fact I have a less performant laptop than yours but did not experience that issue as much. A “keep waiting or close” dialog box poped - up a few times but the wait option would often solve it. I have also been using the Details pane frequently (especially the Palette tab) and the Packages --> Api Workbench --> Create RAML Project menu item, which opens a new Atom’s window, without encountering the issue

Below is a DxDiag screen shot of my hardware config (as you can notice I have only 4 Go RAM)


Fortunately my laptop is dual boot. Yesterday I spent whole day working with api-workbench, but this time I switched to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the latest Atom 1.8 beta instead of Win10 and Atom 1.7.3.

I did not have a single api-workbench problem during the whole day.

This is really good news for me, at least I have something I can work with productively.

I suggest to anybody who is spending many hours in api-workbench on Windows to test 1.8.0 beta and maybe switch to Linux to give it a try.


Just to add to the “Not having any problems” camp… I work on either a Linux desktop, or my Macbook Pro, and neither have any issues with Atom and API Workbench. Maybe it is a Windows/Atom issue?


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A year later and Atom is still veeeeeery slow on Windows 10 Pro.
I’ve upgraded my laptop to an i5-6200U with 16 GB DDR4 and 1TB SSD. Atom is still horribly slow.
This laptop is not dual boot so I can’t try Atom on Ubuntu.

Anybody else having this problem?


Have you tried the RAML Language Server integration branch? It’s WIP but this branch contains our new approach and the next version for the API workbench that hopefully will fix a lot of problems.

Would love to understand if you still have problems with that version.