What is the next most important area you'd like the RAML spec to tackle?


Would you like to see support for more schema types, beyond JSON schema and XML schema?

How about multiple examples where now you can have only one?

How about a way to describe JSONP?

Let’s see in what direction you’d like RAML 0.9 or beyond to go.


Would be great to see how to handle things like JSONP as well as webhook scenarios.


You know that I am personally interested in “friendlier” auto-generated client APIs, as we discussed a while back in https://github.com/raml-org/raml-spec/issues/9 :slight_smile: The proposal there would allow for much cleaner client experiences for a lot of cases, but it probably deserves a lot more thought.

I think more examples is pretty important, too.


Not to bring that discussion over here, but the “operation name” thing does have a an RPCish smell to it, and that is probably why it hasn’t got a lot of traction.


I’d like a way to describe a resource as being streaming/server-push enabled, either because it supports long-polling or websockets.