Want a tutorial on how to use raml api with mongodb using on mulesoft platform


I have used mongodb connector in mulesoft and brought the data from database of mongodb using it.But still i am not able to figure it out how to use mongodb connector and raml file both together in mulesoft platform.So can you give me a tutorial that help me how to make raml file as a Api-designer with mongodb database?


Ok so to understand your requirement, MongoDB is your backend. And you have created an API to provide a wrapper to DB. Please confirm this understanding.

Assuming above statement is correct, when you design API, consumer is unaware what provider you’ve. So RAML is to design your API irrespective of the backend. In simple terms, if you understand SOA modelling, RAML definition is artefact of your design phase. Mule helps you standardise your API definition. Anypoint platform lets you implement solution/API designed with RAML.
Hope this clarifies.