Version tag for RAML 1.0 Library


It seems that the version tag is not allowed under the RAML 1.0 Library declaration. Any idea how I should document the version for a external library file. Of course, I can always based on certain file naming convention.

Suggestions welcomed.


I believe the version is for the API itself, not the libraries that you may use in the API. With that in mind, you could use annotations… but you would need to write the parser bit that looked for the annotation if you needed it for anything other than a simple way to open a Library and see what version it is. It may not be an advisable way to use annotations though. For that matter, you could just put a comment in the file with the version value if you dont plan to use it for any other reason.


At the moment you would need to rely on a naming convention I am afraid. I think versioning fragments is a good idea, why not raising an enhancement request on the spec Github repo including your use case and why that would be very helpful.