Using external libraries referenced from a URL


I have a very large team distributed globally developing a REST based cloud application. To make things more consistent, I have created a number of common types to be used by all teams. I have put these files on our internal web server for developers to reference and link to. The problem we are having is that we cannot find a way to get API Workbench to resolve a reference using the URL. For example


Does the spec support referencing libraries that are not local to the folder structure? If not, then I will have to find a way (possibly using git sub-modules) to have every team pull these down locally. This will work, but is not optimal.


I’ve come across the exact same issue. Did you find a solution?


This should work @tamm0r. Are you seeing a different behaviour?


I try to include an (intranet-internal) library similar to the following:

  myLib: http://internalhost/myLib.raml

API Workbench complains with the following message:

Can not resolve library from path: 'http://internalhost/myLib.raml'

The same RAML file works fine with raml2html though and the library is correctly resolved.


Maybe an issue with CORS. You can always file an issue on the repos since it should work :slight_smile: