Use Custom Authentication in RAML Conslole


Unless I’m mistaken, it seems that when using the RAML console (or in the preview in the API Designer) custom authentication is not an option under “Try it.”

A few thoughts here. First, I was hoping that it would be available after defining this in my RAML file:

        description: Used to send a valid token. Do not use with query string parameter
        type: string
        description: Used to send a valid access token. Do not use together with header.
        type: string

(I also have securedBy: at the root)

I was hoping that under “Try it” I would simple be able to enter in my access token here and the console would send it with the request. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even show up as an option.

I understand if the console doesn’t support custom authentication at all. If not, then what is the reason for including the security info in the RAML file? I would also prefer the “Try it” section being left blank or the tab not even showing up if I specify that the whole API is securedBy (this would answer my first question). Currently it is showing “Authentication Type: Anonymous” which is confusing if anonymous authentication is what I am trying to avoid by marking securedBy at the root.



I am also looking for a way to specify a custom Authentication in RAML.
I am currently using something like this in curl:
-H “Authorization: Token MY_API_TOKEN”

I am trying to find ways of specifying this.


Also stuck with api-console at this point. I believe we are looking at two issues here:

  1. [BUG?] Problem getting rid of the Anonymous tab in the API Console

    I have set securedBy at the root level and also removed all other occurences - it still offers ‘Anonymous’ tab.

  2. [FEATURE REQUEST] Have API Console support x-{other} (=custom) securitySchemes

    Right now (as far as my first peek into the codebase goes) API Console does not implement a strategy to deal with those - while it should be rather simple to support pure api-key schemes (which i’ve only seen in swagger consoles so far, or has anybody gotten this working based on a .raml-spec?)


Any news about these issues?


Hi all, first post here I hope it’s ok.

Im having the same issue here, but slightly different, please see this piece of code related to security:

        type: "x-custom"
                    displayName: "app_id"
                    description: "Description of auth"
                    type: string
                    required: false
                    repeat: false
                    default: "test"
                    example: "test"

With the above code, If I paste the RAML in the console (, I can see a new option in the authentication part, near to anonymous it shows the tab “customAuth”. This is an advance, but the issue is that when I click on it, it’s empty, it should show the “app_id” query parameter. Just wanted to check if i am doing something wrong with the RAML code, because I read this post and it seems that you guys didn’t even get the custom authorization tab in the console.

Kind regards,