Update on oas-raml-converter


Dear RAML team,

I have come to really appreciate your awesome work with the RAML specification and have found great productivity improvements.

Given that the tooling and ecosystem for OAS is bigger then it is for RAML, I find oas-raml-converter project of incredible value. I personally use it with redoc with appreciable outcome. Unfortunately, the converter seems a bit abandoned at the moment, with a growing list of pending bugs (sorry to participate).

So I wanted to ask if you had planned anything on this topic? I believe having this project carefully maintained and visible is an important lever for wider RAML adoption.

I could write tests associated with the bugs which have been recently reported to give you a hand, but I don’t have the time for a full maintenance and investigation of those bugs.


@jsamr: sorry for the late reply. I noticed you already described the issues you were facing. I followed-up with the team who’s been maintaining this project and they are committed to maintaining the project and to accepting pull requests. They suggested you submit one PR per issue you’d like to address (or one PR for a group of related issues). Things should move fairly quickly from there but if it doesn’t for any reason whatsoever, feel free to reach out to me on Slack.