Unexpected error messages, e.g.: unable to validate against a schema (xmllint)


I’m using API workbench in Atom, RAML 1.0, on Mac.

My example XML response body is producing all kinds of weird errors when combined with the relevant XML schema, e.g.

  • unable to validate against a schema (xmllint)
  • Example does not conform to schema

the schema IS where i put it and the example DOES validate e.g. with oxygen XML editor…


Can you raise a detailed description on the parser repository with your example. Looks like a bug, but can’t say much without more details :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll try.

Where is the repo please?

Part of the problem is tying it down to one error: between editing sessions and even when I’m not editing the RAML I seem to get various messages!


@mhGLEIF, sorry for the late response. is this still an issue? if yes, please raise it here.


Thanks, will do!