Try It panel on api console


I have two questions about the ‘Try It’ panel on the api console.

  1. Is there a way to configure the api console to collapse (or not auto-expand) the ‘Try It’ panel when an api definition is opened?

  2. Is there a way to disable the ‘Try It’ panel?


Hi @kdcarlisle, what do you mean by the first point? The API Console is not really configurable. However you can change the code to completely disable the Try It button. The API Console is open source.


Hi Christian, The has a few flags that allow the console to be customized (i.e.: disable-raml-client-generator, disable-theme-switcher, resources-collapsed, documentation-collapsed). I was curious if there were any other un/documented flags that related to the ‘Try It’ panel.


@kdcarlisle, so far we don’t have any flag to disable the try-it panel. I think disabling a try-it can be a good idea, in that way you will be able to use the console just to show documentation.

Regarding to your first question, you can use single-view. Once you click on a method, it will display the documentation only (try-it will be collapsed by default).



Thanks for the answers! The ‘single-view’ flag worked perfectly.