Trait including schema reference


We are creating RAML 0.8 files which have schema references in the traits.

This used to work fine when we were using the RAML java parser which was available before 1.0 was out.

We recently upgraded our java parser to one that supports 1.0 (raml-parser-2 version 1.0.3 from maven). This version always complains about “Invalid reference ‘xxxSchema’”. What has changed? Specs? Or is this a bug in new raml-parser?

This is having an impact on other parts of our program. I wanted to find out if this is not allowed as per new RAML 1.0 specs. I tried to read through the documentation and also google searches didn’t answer this.


Can you post a link to your RAML? I’ll try to see if there is any problem and point the dev team to look at it as well.


We were using 1.0.3 version of RAML java parser which had introduced this ‘bug’ (assumption) and we do not get this issue anymore on 1.0.5 (latest today) version.

So this can be closed now.