Tools and Converters: any suggestions for getting started?


I’m new to RAML. Can anyone suggest tools around the following:

  • converters to markdown or HTML
  • converters to/from swagger
  • syntax highlighting for sublimetext (for example)
  • any other essential tools/workflow you work with



Hi @okev about the syntax highlighting for sublime, I’m using this one (released just a couple of weeks ago) . It’s been working really well for me.

You can also check out these ones for Eclipse and IntelliJ:

As essential tools, you can go through the Designer (, which has an integrated Console that will be showing your API at the same time you build it.

About Converters: What exactly are you trying to convert? Could you give some examples?

Hope it helps.


I would like to join this topic and add something to @okev question…

First of all, thank you, @nohorbee for your suggestions! :slight_smile:

But, it is possible for me to create a .raml file and then convert it to HTML or Markdown?

For example, I write some example API through API Designer or Sublime Text, how can I document it through HTML/Markdown page?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


You can actually go through different approaches.

My favorite one this far (basically because it’s more complete) is to use the API Portal for publishing.
When doing it, you can manage it as a content manager (put your own sections/pages), but it will automatically place a CONSOLE section that will display the documentation you are trying to achieve.

Another nice project I’ve checked last week is:

The major advantage of this one, is that with just calling a command you can generate the HTML (very standalone).
The cons are basically it’s not finished, so, you cannot take advantage of all RAML features.

Give both a try and let me know what do you think!



I’ll also mention that the API Console is an open source, client side project that you can run on your own site or infrastructure very easily; you don’t need to go through the API Portal. Give it a RAML file, and it’ll render your API, generate documentation, and provide an interactive API console allowing consumers to call your API through a UI.

It’s available on Github here:


Hi, the link to the eclipse plugin seems broken.

Are there any plans to put a RAML editor into MuleStudio? Or will the Eclipse plugin do that?


Hi @scaganoff
Actually, my bad. The eclipse plugin is still private (it will be released soon), and yes, it’s the tool that will allow you to have a Designer+Console inside MuleStudio.


You can use:
Raml Plugin For Intellij: