Tool for testing RAML 1.0


Hi. Is there any tool for API testing with RAML 1.0 support?


I know that the guys from Abao are working on adding support for RAML 1.0. And on the projects page you can filter for “Test” and “RAML 1.0” as well. I also know that raml-tester will also be updated. Dev started yesterday.


I was working on a RAML 1.0 to Postman collections generator. Postman is also going through some changes… they have a new 2.0 format for collections that is now in Postman, but the Postman UI is not yet using it. Basically it will allow for unlimited folders and some other niceties. Time is always the killer for many of these ideas though… life gets in the way! I hope to continue working on it soon, as I would love to see a way to generate Postman collections from RAML API definitions… or offer a way to make it easier to build Postman collections with RAML import or something.


Do you know if abao with support for RAML 1.0 is available yet?
I installed abao as described on this web site
But when I run it, I get this error unsupported RAML version.


Nope… if you go to the github it looks like some work done a few months back but still only 0.8 support.

I would go here and follow along:

This is the future of RAML and potentially API specs in general. Lot coming in the not too distant future I believe.