The RAML file does not exist or is not a valid RAML file



I have used the online API designer to create a simple RAML file for testing purposes.
It connects to a WorlWeather service, passes in some parameters and receives some data.
Within the designer the file works as expected. I am able to add my values and receive a valid response.

-Here is the RAML File


And here is a sample of the output on the right hand side …


As you can tell it all works well.

However when I try and use the file within Mule Studio I get this error …

Any idea why the file would be valid in the API Designer but not in MuleStudio?



Oops - I have just realised that my Schema name is incorrect. Let me see if that makes a difference.

Yup that was it! All working now :slight_smile:

P.S: Interesting that the API Designer never picked that up?


Interesting finding.
Could you please send your raml as text so I can test the console and raise a bug if needed?

Thanks. Best Regards.


Ha ha … This sometimes happen with Anypoint studio when it find the RAML syntax incorrect or invalid in the .raml file. The syntax incorrect can be anything, right from picking an external schema file to an invalid json example :stuck_out_tongue:
It failure of API Designer to validate that can be raised as a bug