Test Automation tools for apis developed using RAML

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how does RestAssured handle RAML? We have apis developed using RAML spec and I am in search of a tool that we could use for test automation. I know RestAssured, so, it was my preferred choice, but team now wants to find out how does it handle RAML and I have no clue and I can’t find a clear answer googling. Could anyone throw some light into it?

AFAICT, RestAssured doesn’t work with API definitions directly but works by defining annotations directly in code. After doing a quick search I found that OpenAPITools/openapi-generator supports generating RestAssured compatible stubs from an OpenAPI definition. So what you can do is export your RAML-modeled API definition to OAS 3.0 and use openapi-generator to output RestAssured tests accordingly.