Starting Development of API Notebook


Hello guys. I am quite new to NodeJS and I am finding problems while trying to run API Designer on my local machine. Could you please explain me what is the simplest way to start it?

At the moment my steps were:

  1. Checkout latest code
  2. run npm install

After this, running grunt, grunt build and grunt test ends up with failures (probably caused by #319 issue).
Simply opening test/index.html shows only: passes: 0 failures: 0 duration: 0 s (due to many not found script files)
Opening public/index.html shows nothing (again missing JavaScript files)
Running node server causes:

    throw err;
Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Users\dagaz\ramlEditor\api-notebook-1.1.8\server'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:338:15)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:280:25)
    at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:497:10)
    at startup (node.js:119:16)
    at node.js:902:3

What is the problem? What am I doing wrong?

I would appreciate any help.



I also had problems getting this working, can you possibly let me know what platform you are running the builds on? I tried it on Windows 7 and CentOS 6.5 and had quite a few issues on both.


I’m running it on OSX, but I know one of the devs uses a windows laptop (I’m not sure what version).

Can you share any details on the errors you are getting - maybe we can help diagnose.



Yesterday I’ve started local version. My problems were:

  1. I had the issue, but it was fixed quickly after my comment. Nice job :slight_smile:
  2. I’m working with standard windows command prompt, so there was issue for me.
  3. I was not familiar with grunt/nodejs, so I needed time to find out that I need to run “grunt” or “grunt default” in order to start application or “grunt test” to run tests (and open index.html files in /test or /public directories respectively)
  4. As far as I understand, I need PhantomJS installed into system (npm install -g phantomjs)
  5. Did not know that I could simply start /dist/index.html :slight_smile:

However thanks for quick responses. I hope to have enough time to contribute something :slight_smile:


Whoops, that’s actually my bad! I mis-read the title, those are instructions for API Designer.

I’m glad you are unblocked, but if you run into anything else please let us know and I’ll have the primary dev reach out.