Shoule "try it" screen actually add query parameters to URI?


just checking to see if I’m missing something - I’ve added some query parameters to my user GET and they show up in the UI for filling in when I go to the “try it” page and the regular GET fetches from my real server running the service just fine but the ?pageNumber= etc… never get tacked onto the URI sent in even when filled in. Should this work?

my RAML definition for my user’s GET section looks like this for my API:



    displayName: Sort command
    type: string
    description: case insenstivie sort command
    example: (displayname asc)
    required: false
    displayName: Paging page number
    type: integer
    description: Page number to get - 1 is first page, 0 means just get count and not user details
    example: 2
    required: false
    displayName: Rows to fetch - requires page number be passed as well.
    type: integer
    description: users to return for page requested
    example: 5
    required: false


as a side note, the POST command do tack on URI parameters that I can see something through to the server… I’m thinking I’m just missing something here but maybe it’s not working for GET?