Required queryParameters are mixed with optional, not at top


I have created a list of 30 or so queryParameters; three are required. When I parse the RAML the required and optional parameters are generated alphabetically despite my having put the required parameters at the top of the tag. Dev must search to find those that are required now. I tried putting all the optional in a trait and the required under the method tag but it still is incorporated (because they’re all still queryParameters). Is there some way to keep the required parameters at the top of the generated queryParameters list?

I think this question is asking the same thing in Spec section.



Hi, to investigate that a bit more; what parser do you use?


Hi Christian. I’m using a few so, of course, I can’t find the one that did this now. The raml2html seems to work like I want it. I thought it was the API-Designer console but now I’m getting an error in my file so I can’t parse it. I’m also trying the Atom plug-in but getting another error there. I’ll get back to you when I find it. Thanks.


Cool! Looking forward.