Recommended tool for RAML 1.0 to HTML


Well, to generalize, can anyone re-advice the best tool for generating the docs for RAML 1.0. For now I have tried:

1 Raml2html - does not support Union Types - just renders both types in plain text in documention
2 Ramlo - Unfixed for 4 months bug

What else?


I think I have seen a Github issue on raml2html for improving rendering of union types. You might want to look at it and probably give your feedback on what you would expect.

Rendering union types is not the easiest and there are different things to consider. Feedback and help to understand options would be immensely helpful to the team.

The API Console from MuleSoft does display union types, but also lack a more deep navigation which you might want.

I know different teams are working on improving the rendering experience.