RAMLEditor in video on raml.org


In the video on raml.org, there’s a tool which runs in a browser called RAMLeditor. Does anyone know where I can access this?


Hi Steve,

That’s the API Designer, and a hosted version is available over at http://api-portal.anypoint.mulesoft.com/raml/api-designer. If you want to run a local version, the code is under an open source license, and available over on Github.



Thanks Dillon, I found it! This is a silly question, but in the video, there is an editor on the left hand side and a what the Api would look like on the right hand side. At the moment in my browser I can only see the editor. How do I open the Api view? Thanks, Steve.


Hi Steve,

It should render on the right-hand side of the screen as soon as you enter a valid RAML spec for an API. As long as you have the API title field, the #%RAML 0.8, and some resource(s) and method(s), you should see the API Console on the right hand side. If it’s not appearing, the right border is draggable to resize and you should be able to open it. Give it a try with the RAML below, and you should see something like the attached screenshot.

#%RAML 0.8
title: Example API