RAML to SpringMVC?


@kurtparis love it :wink:


Does this support RAML 1.0? If not, is there a timeline for RAML 1.0 support? Maybe add what RAML version it works with in the README. Nice work!


@Kevin_Duffey this currently works for 0.8, there is an awesome contributor working on 1.0 support (we have already begun refactoring required) however we are still waiting for some of our dependencies to add 1.0 support before adding the support ourselves. Off the top of my head, RamlEmitter was still only an 0.8 feature in the java parser


Yes, the RamlEmitter is only an 0.8 feature. You would need to develop it, but there might be a chance to extract what @pavel did in raml-for-jaxrs support for RAML 1.0


oh i was under the impression that this was being developed for 1.0 too. We’ll check out the jaxrs stuff

Edit: RamlEmitter has be slated for inclusion in the raml-parser https://github.com/raml-org/raml-java-parser/issues/159


For those interested in tracking or contributing to the 1.0 upgrade here is the issue which contains the discussion: https://github.com/phoenixnap/springmvc-raml-plugin/issues/1


Okey, for now there is



Hey hii can you please provide me link for springmvc to raml document generation code i need it urgently hope so you will ping me my mail id is priyankapawar059@gmail.com


@Priyanka1234: I believe it is the same link that is referenced on this thread: https://github.com/phoenixnap/springmvc-raml-plugin