Raml-to-jaxrs A way to only generate the model


Hi together,

I’m searching for a way to only generate the model with raml-to-jaxrs. Unfortantly I can’t find one. Is thera a “secret” way to do so? Would be much easier to get a client running without copying everything and breaking the generated sources cycle.

(Still hoping for a generation option)



Are you using RAML 0.8 and the current RAML to JAXRS project? Assuming so, and you are using JSON Schema to define the models, you can use the JSONScheam2Pojo library which is what RAML2JAXRS is using, to generate just the Java POJO models yourself.


is there any way to convert .raml file to Java POJO’s rather from JSONSchema? because RAML 1.0 does not have schema’s any more, Data Types are introduced .

Thanks in advance.


Hi, were you happened to resolve this problem? I am also looking for a similar solution (generate pojos for RAML 1.0). Please guide me, if you have figured out the solution. Thanks.


We are facing same issue. Can someone please help us with solution where Java POJO’s can be generated from RAML 1.0?


That part used to be baked-in raml-for-jaxrs. Since a lot of people have asked for a way to generate POJOs from RAML 1.0, we extracted it to a separate artifact.

You can find it here: https://github.com/mulesoft-labs/raml-java-tools/tree/master/raml-to-pojo