RAML to HTML from Maven


Other than running the Javascript-based raml2html from a Maven build (see e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42200242/how-to-include-the-generation-of-html-files-from-raml-files-during-the-building) is there any Java-only alternative? raml-converter (https://github.com/adrobisch/raml-converter) seems like abandonware at this point. And I need RAML 1.0 support…


Have you considered contributing to raml-converter to add RAML 1.0 support? Otherwise, other than using the RAML java parser and building your own custom template-based (or not) generator, I think raml2html is going to be your best bet.


Well, I needed a result in a couple of hours so I went the Javascript way. Now I have a build that downloads node and several dependencies and a gulp buildfile made configurable via the templating-maven-plugin. It’s ugly (my implementation is for sure but such is the underlying concept) but it works…
I see there is an open ticket in raml-converter where the authors says he’s going to look at adding RAML 1.0 support but that is dated Aug 2016.