RAML support for my language of choice?


I’d like to be able to parse raml from Ruby (or insert your language of choice here). Will there be native parser support for languages other than JavaScript?


We have now a Java parser as well as a JavaScript one. It would be great to have a python one, a Ruby one, etc. The question at some point becomes: should there be an investment in a formal grammar to allow parsers to get generated with a high degree of confidence in their fidelity to the spec?

And we’re also considering parser-as-a-service: you’d submit the RAML spec (text or URL) and get back the fully-parsed representation, probably as JSON. Thoughts?


Is there any update regarding a python parser?
Are there any available?
Because I am thinking of starting building one.
Thank you very much!


We’d love to build an “official” one, but haven’t had the bandwidth to prioritize this project yet. That said, there is a RAML community project around a Python RAML parser (I haven’t worked with it yet, personally; it’s on my list to play with for some weekend soon). Might be worth seeing where it is at, and contributing to the project instead of starting from scratch?

You can find it on GitHub: https://github.com/an2deg/pyraml-parser


That is some really nice work!!
I had already created my own parser but definitely this project seems much more mature.
Thank you very much for pointing out!