RAML-store integration with API designer


I followed the instructions at https://github.com/brianmc/raml-store, but when I try to integrate raml-store with API designer I run into some issues. I have already locally set up API designer and it is working. I tried copying the sample-designer.html into the app folder as instructed, but nothing changes in the API designer. I also tried just putting the script part into the index.html that is already in the API-designer/app folder. Nothing seems to be changing my API-designer.

Also, in the sample-designer.html file there are these lines:

<script src="scripts/services/raml-repository.js"></script> 
<script src="scripts/services/request-executor.js"></script>
<script src="scripts/services/request-builder.js"></script> 
<script src="scripts/services/file-system.js"></script>

I was not able to find these files in either directory; raml-store-master and api-designer-master.

I was able to connect to Mongodb by changing my baseUri in my RAML file to localhost:3000 and I was able to use GET, but when I try to POST something with a specific ID it would not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!