RAML POST application/json request body is not being set by Mulesoft API Designer



I have a RAML definition that does a POST with a content type of application/json.
I have it defined in Mulesoft Web API Designer.

RAML definition follows this format,

is: [ head ]
description: |
schema: |

example: |

The example shows up fine in “Try it” BODY section. But then when I try to test the API, I can see from Chrome --> Inspect Element that the request body is not being set.

Can someone please help me here identify the issue.



Can you describe step by step what you’ve done please? Maybe we can reproduce it.


Hi Christian,

I have a working API hosted. I am trying to use RAML to integrate with the API and see how it looks in Mulesoft API Designer.

It’s a POST API, accepting a request payload of type application/json. The API as such is secured by oauth_2_0, which works fine.

In the post: section, I give a description, body (type application/json), a schema for the json and an example.

The example does show up in “Try it” section but when the actual POST happens it is missing the Request Payload part. So I would like to know what I am missing in the RAML definition that doesn’t post the request payload.



Hi Christian,

I have an update, it looks like because I am securing the resource with oauth_2_0 it’s not sending the body. If I remove it it’s sending the body but of course my API platform returns a 401.

How to secure a resource (securedBy: [ oauth_2_0 ]) and also ensure that the subsequent request, a POST with a json body in this case, also works.