RAML parser for clojure


Hi all,
Our team has been using RAML as a tool to manage/design our external API for a while now. Our main language is clojure, but we found there’s no available clojure library for parsing RAML.
We used a java raml parser instead but it is not very friendly in term of integrating with clojure.

Therefor we created a library that can parse raml v0.8 into clojure map directly.

Hope it will help if anyone is using clojure to integrate with RAML.

It is now in 0.1.0 and the following link is the github page.



Very nice! Are you planning to make an update to support 1.0 as well?


Actually, for the converting part, it should work directly with v1.0. (without validation).

The reason it only supports v0.8 is because that our team is currently using v0.8 and there are tons of use case can be used as the test case.

As for the validation, since it is not possible to validate the data type using schema, so there will be a bit work. More than happy to accept PR to improve this lib. Thanks.