Raml.org project doesn't work fine


Hi everyone, website RAML Projects aren’t working right. It show all time same page no matter what you choose at bottom page numbers of language/type filters at left.



Hi @overlordyorch - good catch. Can you raise an issue on https://github.com/raml-org/raml-website/issues. The developer tracks this channel more than this one :wink:


BTW, what browser do you use and what are you clicking on. I tried the Java tag and the content changes for me. I am using Chrome.


Working OK for me on latest version of Chrome and Firefox for Windows. Projects don’t display at all on IE 9 (don’t shoot me, it’s still my firms ‘officially supported browser’!)


hahahaaa - not blaming you :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll raise that on the website repo


For tracking: https://github.com/raml-org/raml-website/issues/6


Projects page now visible in IE9 :tada:
Irony is that last Friday I got an email from internal IT saying we are being upgraded to IE 11. The hyperbole in the email made IE 11 seem like the best thing since the invention of the www!

You’d never guess I work for a hi-tech networking company!!


awesome! not the IE thing, but that it is working for you now :stuck_out_tongue: