RAML / Jax-Rs validator


hy guys,

does it exist a tools to validate a Java code (jaxrs) ?
my company isn’t ready for the codegen, but it can be a first step to design Raml and validate the Java code with the Raml file.



Are you looking for something like that https://github.com/mulesoft/raml-for-jax-rs


Hi, we have code EndPointValidator for that.
It uses “com.github.fge:json-schema-validator:2.2.6” basically it flatten the resources provided by a org.raml.model.Raml making a dictionary where the key is a regex and the value is json-schema, when a request its made it search in the dictionary and if the url match we use json-schema-validator against the body and json-schema of the raml.

We are going to release as part of https://github.com/gextech/lazybones-gex-templates


Hi @atomswork, that sounds interesting. Could you create a new topic and introduce your project?! Add the ‘RAML Tooling’ - ‘Project Introduction’ label on it.


@atomswork thanks!