RAML guide for begginer

Is there any video guide that explain why do we use offset,traits etc,im learing mulesoft and im having hard time understading RAML

@hksaaa: I would say that the best place to start is the RAML 100 and 200 tutorials

Hi I’m really struggling with the correct editor to use, using the Tutorials etc. Editors I’ve tried include:

  • Mulesoft Anypoint API Designer and it works very well but the trial license will expire soon and it is not possible to buy designer only.
  • Rawgit/mulesoft API Designer looks to be an open version, but it highlights validation errors that don’t exist in the Anypoint version (adding the Petshop RAML shows errors)
  • An Atom github workbench with raml packages but it has errors pop up and also doesn’t reference libraries properly. i.e. shows errors that are not in the Anypoint version wit the same code

Any suggestions, so far the RAML experience has been a nightmare, just finding an editor, which should be the easy bit.