I was trying to use the eclipse plugin of RAML for JAX-RS . As per the documentation when i give generate RAML (not selecting for individual classes) it should generate the example files and schema files. But when i tried it was not getting generated.
Could anyone please help in understanding why this issue is happening. Am i missing something to configure in plugin.



The same here. I’m able to generate xml schemas, but not JSON. Also, using sourceDirectory without sourcePaths causes NPE on raml creation. Could someone point me to correct docs for 1.3.2 jaxrs-raml-maven-plugin. It will be very helpful to know how to generate global securedBy tag and lots of other stuff. Examples do not cover plugin functionality.


I was able to resolve the issue when I annotated the pojo classes referenced by jax-rs interface class. The raml-for-jaxrs will not understand a normal pojo class in order to generate the JSON sample and schemas. It requires jaxb annotation for each elements in the pojo class .

When i annotated the pojo model class with jaxb @xmlelement etc…the tool generated the JSON and schema appended to the necessary response and error blocks with in my RAML.