RAML file path


This is a total noob question, for which I have not been able too find an answer for either in this forum or on Google. I have installed the API editor, and able to run it without any problems. I have also created a file, that is persistent between restarts of the API editor, but I am not able to locate this file. I have also tried creating files with absolute paths, but all that happens, is they get a little star by their name, and disappear when i restart the editor.

Where are these files being created?


Hi @martineriksen,

This is definitely a common point for people, and one we’ll be working to improve as soon as we have the engineering bandwidth. Today, those files are stored in your browser’s Local Storage. You can see the JSON objects using developer tools in your browser.

For now, if you want non-local-storage storage, you can easily provide your own implementation of the filesystem API. Instructions are in the example in the readme here: https://github.com/mulesoft/api-designer. There are projects over on http://raml.org/projects that have done this implementation as well.

Hope that helps,


Hi @comptly

Thank you so much, the browser storage was the only place I did not look … but it was right there all along. :smile: