Raml failing in Anypoint studio



I am facing some problem with the raml when including data type into another data type and importing to anypoint studio. I am not able to use a combination of object and nil and array and nil.

For example:

Raml 1:
#%RAML 1.0 DataType
type: object
success: boolean
no: string|nil
type: array|nil
items: !include details.raml

Raml 2:
#%RAML 1.0 DataType
type: object
detail1: string
detail2: string

details field in raml 1 is either an array or it can be null. If I specify this as array | nil , API manager is parsing the raml. But when importing the same into studio, it is failing. The same with the object|nil combination as well. Please suggest some solution for this.




Hi Kiran, I would probably get in touch with MuleSoft directly and raise a support ticket or post something to their forum.