Raml-dotnet-tools Issue with translating resource type parameters


Hi- new to RAML, thank you in advance for your help.

I’m having an issue when implementing an ASP.Net Web API from a RAML document. Specifically, parameters in resource types and traits don’t seem to parse properly. For example, a trait like the following:

          description: |
             Order by field: <<fieldsList>>
          type: string
          required: false

When imported into .Net, will generate its description on the controller and model as
/// <param name="orderby">Order by field: &lt;&lt;fieldsList&gt;&gt; </param>

for any given resource, rather than whatever was passed to it. Am I using parameters incorrectly here, or do they not not parse at all?


Hi @jnicholas you might want to raise an issue on the raml-dotnet-tools Github repo to make the developers aware of your problem.