RAML document command line validator


As Python programmer and vim user, I am found of command line tools.

Is there any command line tool validating RAML document? (just the RAML, not examples included in it nor services following the spec).

Authoring RAML in api-designer or previewing in api-console is nice, but it does not allow me authoring and validating RAML from vim editor.

Any command line tool, which takes as a parameter RAML file and writes out something about possible problems is fine for me.

Trying https://github.com/isaacloud/raml-validator I found, it does not detect much - omiting RAML header or changing statuc code 200: to a200: did not cause any complains.


I dont think there is one out thereā€¦ but its very easy to create one using the nodejs or python parser. Here is a barebones simple version I built in a couple of mins.


I added simple instructions to install it.


Thanks @luix - very nice (and very quick). I was trying to create similar tool using Python, but it was not detecting many problems.

Now I got a tool to check RAML from command line.

I have few wishes and ideas (no coloring when used from vim), which I will mention in issues in your repo.

Thanks once more



Since I agree with all your proppossals and they were simple, I just pushed them. Tested them and should be working (including the global command with npm install -g).

Im sorry youwill have to manually delete /usr/bin/ramlparser, this repo was meant as an example but well :).


$ git pull
$ npm install -g

and you should be fine.


@luix you see, some important things might happen faster, than we expect.

All works and I am now authoring raml files from vim.