RAML code for requirement



Can someone help me with RAML code for below request ?



I bet if you read a bit on the RAML documentation you can come up with something. I suspect whoever gave you this assignment wants you to learn RAML rather than have someone do it for you. You would be best going through the tutorials, understanding REST, hopefully the language you use to implement the RAML for it to work, etc. It does take a little time, but well worth it to step through the tutorials, learn RAML and apply it to the design. Plus, when you are asked to explain your work, you will know what to say and what you are talking about.

Good luck.


Hello @Kevin_Duffey,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I have done some part of work from my end. I am not sure if RAML code which i have is proper or not. Please find in zip in below path

It would be helpful for me if you can point out some corrections on my code.

Thanks once again.