RAML API Console OAuth2 callback integration


I’m interested in integrating the RAML api-console OAuth2 flow into my documentation. Currently I’m able to launch our OAuth Authentication form and submit user credentials. The default redirect_uri used is [protocol]://[server]/authentication/oauth2.html (when run locally this becomes http://localhost:9000/authentication/oauth2.html). This URL is invoked with token hash parameter (#token=) upon successful authentication and authorization ([protocol]://[server]/authentication/oauth2.html#token=)

Q: How can I get oauth2.html to parse token hash param value and send in subsequent request header Authorization: bearer ?

Any documentation, blog posts, smoke signals, etc would be greatly appreciated.


Update: User Error in hash parameter naming. Correct: #access_token. Incorrect: #token.

Once that was corrected API Console submitted the request using OAuth2 header Authorization: bearer <access_token>.

Now how do we make API Console preserve the access_token across invocations – for a another Forum Topic.