Railtie in Api-Pie style


First, for reference, API-Pie: https://github.com/Apipie/apipie-rails

Opened an issue on the matter if you all care to chime in: https://github.com/Apipie/apipie-rails/issues/325

Api pie has a nice DSL and generative help system with its railtie that has made documenting one of our sites very simple indeed.

Going into a samples from a Rails perspective:

api :GET, '/users/:id'
param :id, :number
def show
  # ...

That would generate a json and html response for the documentation.

I’d used this for generative clients, pretty much what it seems like RAML has already done, and does so well.

To the point, what if we combine the DSL of something like apipie with RAML to make documentation generation more streamlined as well?

If this hadn’t been brought up as a tool, I would have done much of the same thing that this already does to generate Javascript services. I feel like I could be a considerable help in getting the two glued together, or helping on something in existence.

Any thoughts on that?