Previous version of a RAML file on MuleSoft



I use the API Designor on MuleSoft. I keep there my main RAML file and several JSON schemas.

Following a series of Ctrl-Z to reverse changes in my RAML file, the content of that file was replaced by the content of another file (a JSON schema) and I lost all my previous work.

How can I (and I really hope it’s possible) retrieve one of my previous versions of this file ? I am working on this file for several weeks and I don’t want to lose it.

If it’s not possible, I don’t think that the API Designer is a tool I would recommend to edit a RAML without copying it frequently somewhere with version control.

Thanks for your help


Hi @bergeroy - I’m sorry this happened, I’ll see what I can do to help diagnose or recover data. Can you reach out to me directly at I’ll get some info from you and have the engineering team look into this.