Postman error while importing RAML1.0 file


I got RAML file from some different team. While importing RAML file in Postman. I am getting error message as " Failed to import data: Error importing RAML API: version validation Unsupported RAML version: ‘#%RAML 1.0’ …"
Looks like I could not be able to load RAML 1.0 file on postman.
When I try RAML 0.8 version file, I am able to import in Postman.
Can any one please help, Is there anything I need to do to import RAML 1.0 file on postman?


Probably they don’t support RAML 1.0 yet. Seems people asked for it here


Yup… not yet supported. There is some work going on slowly, but Postman has been swamped lately, so they are getting to things as quickly as possible. Fantastic tool for API testing though!