Output a RAML file after processing includes, extensions and overlays


Is there any tool around to output the RAML file (in YAML format) that results after processing includes, extensions and overlays? I googled a bit but no luck…


I believe you can use the RAML JavaScript parser to expand those. Here’s what I found in the docs.


Thanks. However, if I got that right, you still have to write the code to output the parsed model. Which is not that easy when you factor in the complete RAML syntax…


@RocketMan, the parsers don’t emit a RAML domain document (after expansion), indeed. Currently there is nothing that does this completely. But rest assured, the team from MuleSoft is working on it.

The API Modeling Framework (AMF), which includes parser for RAML as well, will help with exactly what you need. So stay tuned for more news on their side.

In the meanwhile, go check out https://github.com/raml-org/api-modeling-framework. It’s a preview of some capabilities of AMF.