Not seeing a response (status 0) in API Designer



as this is my first post: Hello everyone, I’m Yves, working at VMware, and I’m trying to use RAML to describe one of our products API (as a community effort).

Doing my first steps here, and I created the following “hello world” RAML spec to speak to our API:

#%RAML 0.8 title: VMware NSX for vSphere API baseUri: https://{nsxmanager}/api baseUriParameters: nsxmanager: displayName: NSX Manager description: This is the hostname or IP of NSX Manager version: v6.1.4 traits: - secured: description: secured by basic auth securedBy: [basic] securitySchemes: - basic: type: Basic Authentication /2.0/vdn/scopes: is: [secured] get: displayName: Get a list of VDN scopes description: Retrieve a list of all known VDN Scopes (Transport Zones) /{scopeId}: is: [secured] get: displayName: Get VDN scope properties description: Retrieve the properties of an existing network scope (Transport Zone)

When I import this into postman I can send the requests, and I see the responses just fine. When I try with API Designer (both online and the locally installed version) I don’t see the response. I see status 0, and after some wait time a timeout.

I would love to use API designer, as this seems to be a really great tool. Can someone help me to debug this? How do I e.g. enable some debugs in the locally installed API designer? Where can I find some logs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.