New API Modeling Framework now available as open source


Today, MuleSoft joined the OAI and open sourced a new API tool called the API Modeling Framework (AMF).

We are excited to make AMF available to the community, bringing together the RAML and OpenAPI ecosystems. AMF provides an approach to developing API that provides for parsing, interacting with, and generating API descriptions in any API description language.

Currently, there are several API description languages, like RAML and OpenAPI Specification (OAS). Without a way to provide tooling that can easily understand any API description language or a mechanism to go back and forth between languages easily, developers had to make a choice. AMF changes that.

We built a way to parse and generate any API specification (e.g. RAML or OAS) in a few steps. AMF makes RAML and OAS interoperable.

If you want to read more, please find the entire article here.

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Was wondering what the status of the API Modeling Framework is. I’ve looked at the gitHub repo and it’s saw a lot of activity up to it’s announcement, but pretty much nothing happened over the course of the last three months.

If this is not the right place to ask, I’m sorry



Hi Paul, it’s definitely the right place to ask. :slight_smile:

As you can see, the repo currently contains an alpha version written in Clojure that we plan to replace in the very near future. On that repo, we are currently only fixing issues for people that use that version.

Anyways, we are moving as fast as possible to provide a full implementation of this alpha version. So there is activity, but the team needs to improve the alpha to a more production-ready quality, add documentation, and do some other cleanup before making it public.

Hope you understand that we want to make sure that what ever we release as the first version does comply with quality standards of our community :wink: Please let me know if you have any other question.




Any update on this q&a? It’s been a while and the AMF GitHub page now has a message that (at least the current incarnation of) the AMF is deprecated.

I really want to buy into the raml/PASS ecospace, but feel the tooling is missing/inadequate



@paulbakker: unfortunately there is no update. A new version of AMF is currently being worked on. Its repository will be made public on github and will replace the one that you mentioned but unfortunately there is no ETA yet.

If you’re interested in trying-out that new version though, there is an example project here:



Besides technical details, is the “new version” different in terms of meta model (is it still an OWL-based one?) or general approach?



Updates on this project?



@RocketMan: yes, the project is now located at There is a link to the Github repository which contains examples on how to use with RAML (and OAS). There is also a new parser about to be released which will be hosted on the raml-org Github org. It will abstract AMF (the RAML/OAS piece).