New API Designer Release


I’m happy to announce that we’ve recently released a major update to the API Designer, greatly improving the usability of the tool and adding numerous new features.

  • Support for multi-file editing, file renaming, and the ability to !include RAML files using relative paths within the filesystem

  • RAML editing improvements, including adding indentation lines and improving the robustness of auto complete and the shelf

  • Visual refresh and re-arrangement of most of the controls. We think you’ll find it is much more usable.

  • Flexible layout, giving you the ability to control the size of the file browser and API Console panels, so if you just want to focus on your code with no visual distractions, that is an option.

We’ll be releasing several more updates soon, including a visual re-design for the API Console, an integrated RAML Mocking Service for the API Designer, and folder support for the API Designer.

You can check out the new look in the screenshots below, or visit the API Designer on the Anypoint API Portal to try it yourself.


Let me first say that what you are doing here is awesome. I never had so much fun designing an API.

It’s great that the designer supports inclusion (!include) of files. Unfortunately the portal doesn’t seem to do so. I get a 404 on files I would like to include.

traits: !include allTraits.yaml


Hi @lukasmweber.

That definitely shouldn’t be the case - we do support includes on API Portal. If you DM me a link to the portal w/the linked RAML, I will look into this for you.



tried before via email … not sure how to direct message so here via forum

Thanks for looking into this.