Maven plugins for Release 2.0?


I see release 2.0.0 of raml-for-jaxrs in the Github repository ( Will that release be published to If so, when?

Also, I am using this plugin in my project, from

GroupId: org.raml.plugins
Artifact ID: jaxrs-raml-maven-plugin
Version: 1.3.4

but in the various example pom.xml files in the Github repository, I see this plugin:

GroupId: org.raml
Artifact ID: jaxrs-to-raml-maven-plugin

As nearly as I can tell, that second plugin does not exist on Am I using the right plugin?



I have yet to check out the latest version… hoping it completely supports RAML 1.0 including dynamic annotation processing in some manner! I suspect it will take a little time to propagate to the maven repos as it was only recently released.